marc chesterman


the music of sound

When a director wants to hear music & sounds from the composer well ahead of rehearsals or shooting starting, this is a good sign. The music & sound can evolve with the directors thoughts, crucial in my view. Music can also influence the director to new ways of thinking about the work. Forming these connections early on allows maximum integration between music, sound & the directors vision for the work.

Part of my methodology is to use music as a strengthening bond between the main components of script and visuals. This idea was crucial for Woodenhead and in films such as the 'Spaghetti Western' classics by director Sergio Leone and composer Ennio Morricone. I believe it applies equally to all sound/image relationships.

Another part of this methodology is the creation of new and unique music by combination of acoustic instruments with sampled sounds. Chesterman has a strong affiliation with jazz after studying at Whitireia Polytechnic in 1990, and has also long used the sampler as an 'instrument'.

Many of the sounds used in the creation of these soundtracks are samples taken from either acoustic instruments or field recordings. Recordings can be made anywhere using portable audio recorders and microphones. Sample loops/textures are then created and played from keyboard and sampler. This material is recorded and edited. Of course, more conventional composing techniques are also used.