marc chesterman music:


Most files 80kbps mono.

Music for:
Kaikohe Demolition Phosphoresence in the Sky-Vocal Po Roa

Woodenhead Theme-Cello Ed Hanfling
Woodenhead Hugo's song
Woodenhead Maidenwood Theme
Woodenhead Plum & Gert Duet-Vocal Mardi Potter/Steve Abel
Woodenhead Lost in the woods-Trumpet Richard Noble

Liebestraume Latin shower scrubbing
Liebestraume Bicycle ride rhythm
Liebestraume The Paper Boy

Macbeth Cello sample-Is this a dagger I see before thee?
Macbeth Wind for 3 witches
Macbeth Cello sample-Lady M reads the letter
Macbeth Castle interior-Harpsichord scrapes

Wild Civility
Chaotic city + rhythm
Wild Civility Getting our wires crossed

Eating Sausage ESOL cassette music theme

Animalia Game background music
Animalia Game finished music

MAU Ancient wind rumble
MAU Underworld women appear from darkness
MAU Body interior amplified, electrified
MAU Rhythm of stones-Stones Phil Dadson

Angelo's Song Murder strings
Angelo's Song Prison cell atmos
Angelo's Song Mourning for Nona

Doubt Interior Children's dorm+Exterior playground
Doubt Outside world sounds filtering in, 1964 radio

Ocean Star Intro
Ocean Star Wonder
Ocean Star Suspicion
Ocean Star Planning
Ocean Star Outro

Blue Smoke Waltz like theme for a dream like memory of love lost.