marc chesterman



Marc was the first drummer for alternative rock group Lushburger. He went on to perform and release the CD Feather with experimental rock band Sudersuk (1994-8). As a founding member of Sone, this group made two performance based videos and released a CD The Dense Sense (1995-6). His collecting of field recordings culminated in a series of sound installations. Some of these were presented in Artspace’s Relay events, which he helped organise. Never Look Up was installed in Lopdell House Gallery in 1998 and then documented on CD. Familiar/Unfamiliar was performed at SoundCulture ’99. He has released two other solo CD’s of environmental sound and percussion compositions. With John Kennedy he recorded the Drumsmachine CD, which makes a unique exploration of “post-techno percussion”. They performed as an electro-acoustic drum kit duo in the Sound Shapes festival at Le Mata Theatre in Auckland 1999. Marc has a long-standing role as composer/sound designer with dance company MAU and has performed with MAU internationally. With film-maker Florian Habicht, Marc has composed music and sound designed for short and digital feature productions, including Woodenhead and Kaikohe Demolition. Marc has also worked as sound designer for theatre companies including ATC, Massive and Pandemonium. Marc is also a member of improvising trio Audible 3.

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